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When you’re craving a little more intensity in your workout, Glo strength and conditioning classes will help you strengthen and tone your body—and break a serious sweat. Choose a conditioning workout that’s perfect for you with everything from cardio fusion and core work to circuit training and yoga with weights, it’s easy to create a fitness routine that’s exciting and effective. Learn the basics of working with resistance or take on a high-intensity interval challenge. Whatever your life stage or experience level—from athletes to beginner movers—you’ll find strength and conditioning workouts that support your goals.

A variety of conditioning workouts to ensure you stay challenged and inspired.

With a wide range of online strength and conditioning workouts to choose from you’ll find a workout that’s tailored for your fitness needs.


Level 2-3 30 mins

This super fun and intense full-body routine infuses several training modalities into one! Get the ultimate workout with circuit training, a Tabata-style cardio series, and Pilates, with the option to add light weights (1-3 lb.) for that extra burn.


Level 1-2 30 mins

Work the entirety of your core using traditional yoga poses enhanced with challenging functional movements. This class goes beyond the superficial muscles to get into your lower back and deep abdominals. Begin by firing up your transverse abdominal muscles then flow through a core-activating sequence that will leave you feeling strong, stable and fortified. You'll conclude with a powerful lift in tolasana, then sink with gratitude into the release of savasana.


Level 2 30 mins

Get ready to break a sweat with this High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and Vinyasa Flow fusion! Warm up with a dynamic flow, power through three rounds of HIIT, then marinate in the prana you've created with a final vinyasa sequence. Expect rocket squats, lunge kicks, burpees and mountain climbers. You'll give an all-out effort, then sink into a well-earned savasana and finish feeling fierce with lion's breath. Props Suggested: A towel.


Level 2 30 mins

Move with mindfulness through strong and fluid yoga conditioning cycles that target all the major muscles in your body. You'll move up, down and all around your mat, working up a sweat as you tone your core, glutes, quads and arms. These dynamic intervals are purposefully designed to train the entire body as a whole so you can be thorough and efficient with your time.


Level 2-3 10 mins

This class doesn't mess around. Straight up core meant to strengthen (and burn)! Start warming up with creative reverse sit ups, rolling through your spine. Use plank and forearm plank to keep the pulse in your core going, and boat pose with your block to bring it on home. Seated breath work to conclude, and savasana on your own if you like. Wood floors are helpful, but not needed. Maybe you'll even laugh a bit. Props Needed: A block.


Level 2 20 mins

You're brave for choosing this class! Get ready for 20 minutes of core work combining a variety of core actions you do in a vinyasa class, all back to back. Power through navasana and ardha navasana, bicycle twists, tolasana presses, shalabhasana, and more. We'll even get creative by elevating our feet with a chair for some serious plank work. But don't worry, you'll get some time to rest in between in supported bridge and happy baby. Props Suggested: Two blocks and a chair or something else to elevate your legs.

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