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Unbound by any single practice, Glo offers a blueprint to strengthen body, mind, and heart. With movement, meditation, and education designed to evolve with you, we bring intention and action to all aspects of life.

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Beginners. Teachers. Olympians. Dabblers. Artists. CEOs. Students. Moms-to-be. Stay-at-home dads. The Glo community spans levels of experience, life stages, backgrounds, and aspirations. What unites us is simple: the search for a quiet place of personal progress in a world of distraction and noise.

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As social beings, we derive wisdom and wellness from interaction. Glo is a network of global instructors coveted for their constant innovation and enduring expertise on a range of practices.

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Move. Breathe. Nourish. Rest. Repeat. Whether we have five minutes between meetings or 90 minutes on a lazy Sunday, Glo’s ever-expanding library of content reflects our ever-changing needs.

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It’s the very best way of loving myself.


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Every day, every moment, every breath holds an opportunity for learning and growth. For those of us keen to dig deeper, expert-led Courses immerse us in rich subject matter, from advanced teacher training to the anatomy of the chakras.

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