Sleep is a form of self-care that will never go out of style. This collection contains a sampling of our favorite pre-sleep classics. They’re each designed to bring on the types of zzz’s that make you wake up with a smile.

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8 classes • 208 mins


Level 1-2 45 mins

Dim the lights and get cozy, because this class will carry you straight into bed. Welcome some much needed stillness as you become familiar with your breath, and lull yourself into a sleepy state. Ease in with gentle cat/cows and shoulder stretches, unwind with long, easy twists and back-body openers, then allow a sweet guided savasana to send you off to a blissful sleep. Props Needed: Two blankets or towels. Props Suggested: A block.


Level 1-2 5 mins

Having a pre-bedtime routine is essential. This practice aims to toss out the turns and make your body ready for a deep, peaceful sleep. Relax into a sequence that focuses on conscious breathing, forward folds, gentle twisting and a full-body stretch. Take these five minutes to slow down and soothe your being before bed.


Level 1 30 mins

This low and slow-moving Hatha class helps to create a sense of calm in your body and mind. Unwind and prepare for restful sleep with this relaxing evening check-in that begins in Savasana and concludes with Alternate Nostril Breathing and a moment of gratitude.


Level 2 60 mins

As you wind down for the evening, enjoy this practice to help you let go of your day and get a good night’s sleep. Slow down the mind through movement as you welcome a deepening, resounding stillness with every exhale.


10 mins

With a simple change in focus, your breath can guide you toward deep relaxation. This meditation can help you prepare for sleep or find tranquility at any time of the day. Practice this breathing exercise while lying in bed for a smooth transition into sleep.


Level 1 20 mins

Sweetly transition to sleep with soothing supta baddha konasana, a relaxing twist on your bolster, a seated forward bend over your bolster, and a dreamy supported savasana. Props Needed: Two blocks and a bolster.


Level 1-2 20 mins

You're in for a real treat! This restorative sequence will ease you into bed, and help you stay asleep through the night. Get out all your blankets for this one. You'll start with legs up the wall, then end in a cozy savasana. Props Needed: Wall space, a bolster or two blankets, two hand towels and a block. Props suggested: Three or four blankets.


15 mins

Release tension from the day and prepare for deep sleep. You'll begin your meditation seated, with an option to lie down for the last few minutes of guided relaxation, to ease yourself into a state between sleep and wakefulness.

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