Your practice is showing

It’s easy to notice the effects of your practice when you’re basking in the afterglow of savasana. But it’s those unexpected, off-the-mat moments that really drive home how far you’ve come. This collection of classes will help you feel so good on the inside that it shines through for all to see. From keeping your cool in traffic or noticing your usual triggers don’t hold as much sway, you’ve been showing up for your practice and so, in turn, it shows.

Created by Glo
6 classes • 262 mins


Level 1-2 60 mins

One of the amazing benefits of our yoga practice is we can come to our mat feeling one way and finish feeling completely transformed. A challenging Level 1-2 class which begins with a 30 minute continuous Standing Pose Flow with Warriors 1 & 2, Extended Side Angle and Triangle. Continues with several Shoulder Openers and Hip/Thigh Stretches. Also includes both Standing, Seated and Supine Twists. Concludes Supta Padangusthasana (Reclining Hamstring Stretch) and Savasana. No Back Bends.


Level 2-3 60 mins

This creative sequence is driven by the story, Churning of the Ocean of Milk, which is focused on commitment to practice. Use a slowly churned heat to facilitate transformation as you move steadily through warrior flows and twists. Discover the nectar of your practice as you lift into a few backbends then finish off with a hip opener, an inversion, and a gentle forward bend. Props Suggested: A blanket.


15 mins

An ancient, esoteric practice for purifying and refining your body and your energy field through the alchemical practice of meditating with the violet light. Includes the important process for creating an energetic boundary around yourself.


Level 2 45 mins

Big breakthroughs come from small things attended to over time. Begin or end every day with this sequence designed to clear away obstacles of the mind and align your energy. The simple, yet powerful exercises and breath work in this class initiate a shift in perspective; one that helps us to remember the sacredness of life and to receive the grace of being alive. The effects are cumulative, each day building on the next. Props Suggested: A blanket to sit on.


Level 1-2 60 mins

This slow-paced, creative sequence incorporates elements of mindfulness to harness both mental and physical strength and well-being. Start seated to connect with your breathing, then work your way through exercises that gently and systematically release your muscles. Build a little intensity toward the end of class with planks, pushups, and side planks, then conclude with a beautiful 7-minute meditation to help you land in the present moment. Props Suggested: Two blocks.


Level 2-3 20 mins

This is a quick, fun, spunky little practice. 20 minutes of yoga will change your whole day! Less instruction than usual in this class, we practice together. A headstand, an arm balance, and some light heart openers. Enjoy!

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