Fusion fitness

Grab your weights and props and let's get working! These challenging classes are designed to make you sweat for the perfect at home workout. Notice the energy you create on your mat and carry it with you the rest of the day.

Created by Glo
6 classes • 234 mins


Level 2-3 30 mins

This challenging, full-body workout is centered in the fundamentals then set on fire with creative exercises. Begin by connecting with your breath then grab your weights for dynamic bridge and plank work followed by a sweaty finale of lunges and squats with upper body strength work. Props Needed: A set of 3-5 lb. weights.


Level 2 20 mins

Get ready for a non-traditional take on our beloved sun salutations. This high-energy, circuit-style class is designed for the yogi who loves to cross-train. Break a sweat as you laugh your way through plank and pushup moves, kettlebell lifts, dynamic jumps, and boat flows. This fun class utilizes various types of weights, but feel free to use what you have! Props Suggested: Two sets of hand weights (5 and 10 pounds) and one kettlebell (15 pounds).


Level 2-3 60 mins

This full-body fusion routine is designed to make you sweat! Featuring elements of Pilates, yoga, and circuit training all in one, it's the perfect way to spice up your routine. Turn up the heat with a challenging HIIT-inspired cardio sequence; move on to targeted strength work for your arms, glutes, and abs; then reward your effort with a well-rounded stretch session. Props Needed: Light hand weights.


Level 1-2 45 mins

HIIT-ing it hard has never felt so good! This well-rounded routine will leave you feeling complete. You'll ease in with a quick warm-up, then dive into a sweaty HIIT session including burpees, squat jumps, and plank walk outs, often utilizing a set of weights. Next, cool down and speed your recovery time with some foam rolling, then end with a brief meditation to clear your head. Props Needed: A foam roller and a set of 2-5 lb weights.


Level 2 30 mins

Spice up your Pilates with some dance moves as you rhythmically transition from exercise to exercise! This challenging, fast-paced series will boost your heart rate and blast your core. Expect squats, reverse planks, and mat work, followed by a super fun dance finale featuring the "Pilates Charleston!"


Level 2 45 mins

Time to heat things up with a challenging vinyasa fusion workout that's peppered with heart-pumping cardio and fun, Pilates-inspired moves. Step into the unexpected as you burn through creative core work, hop forward into squats, and spend some time playing in malasana. You'll laugh, you'll sweat, and you'll probably want to fire up this class more than once. Props Suggested: 1 lb ankle weights and 2-3 lb hand weights.

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