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Please enjoy these complementary lectures that we hope will enhance your path of learning as you develop the skills of both teacher and student.

30 mins
How to Teach Meditation in a Yoga Class with Kia Miller

Kia Miller Education

Learn how to seamlessly integrate meditation into your yoga class, so that together with the asana it forms a unified practice. This class will introduce three unique meditation practices, and explain how they can provide the framework for your class’s sequencing and theme. You’ll learn how to gradually introduce each technique to your students, in order to create a feeling of familiarity that invites a deeper meditative experience. Each meditation will include simple, intermediate and advanced variations, so they can be applied to any class, and to any style of yoga.

30 mins
Ancient Teachings from the Yoga Sutras with Stephanie Snyder

Stephanie Snyder Education

The Yoga Sutra of Patanjali is one of the classic texts of yoga theory and practice. This discussion will explore three essential sutras that every yoga teacher should know, in order to enrich their own lives and enhance their teaching. Both the original Sanskrit and classical translations will be provided, followed by an in-depth explanation of the meaning of each sutra. You’ll also learn practical ways to apply the sutras to your own experience as a teacher and practitioner, and incorporate their wisdom into your teaching.

30 mins
Finding Your Voice as a Teacher

Elena Brower Education

Find your unique voice as a teacher by exploring three aspects of your identity: teacher, student and energy. This class will introduce practical steps for enhancing your confidence and skill while expressing yourself genuinely. You’ll learn how to remain engaged in the process of learning and self-observation, develop your personal mission, and support your teaching through daily practice and self-care. The discussion will open with seated pranayama and conclude with a meditation, to allow you to feel into each aspect of your teaching voice, and commit to respecting and caring for each one.

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