The Art of Teaching Beginners

with Jason Crandell


Teaching beginners is not an easy endeavor. With a subject as vast as yoga, it can be difficult to know where to start. This course removes the guesswork by providing you with a complete blueprint for teaching new students in a compelling and consistent way. Featuring a systematic methodology that culminates with the ultimate four-week beginners' program, you'll have everything you need to skillfully teach newcomers from the ground up.

This course will streamline the art of teaching and learning yoga, covering best practices for working with new students, the most important concepts and themes to teach, how to work with beginners in a mixed-level setting, and the essential elements of a cohesive core curriculum. You'll learn which poses, techniques, and philosophical ideas to introduce first, keeping your beginners safe and motivated while setting the foundation of their practice for years to come. Best of all, you'll practice four sequential one-hour classes that you can take into your local community to build your student base.

The Art of Teaching Beginners is an essential resource that will elevate and inspire your teaching for years to come. With a clear plan and curriculum to work from, you'll never have to wonder what to teach your new students and when. Beginner students deserve the best. This is your opportunity to help them thrive from the start.


This course is designed for teachers who want to bring greater skill, organization, consistency, and depth to their foundational-level yoga classes. Those teaching in mixed-level settings with a lot of newcomers—such as gyms, corporate classes, and community centers—will find the course particularly beneficial, as will any teachers who'd like to launch a four-week beginners' series in their communities.

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36 videos
organized into
11 chapters

This comprehensive teacher training includes demonstrations, lectures, and practice, culminating with four 60-minute beginners' classes for you to learn and teach in your community. You'll also receive an extensive, in-depth Resource Guide that expertly summarizes the videos of the program so that you have an easy reference any time. Reflection questions after each chapter will help you identify with the experience of your new students and continue to grow as a teacher.

Comprehensive video lectures translate complex topics into user-friendly language.

Watch and learn with dynamic visual demonstrations.

Bring the teachings onto your mat through asana and meditation practices.

Learn from master teachers in the comfort of your home.

2 Lectures
Beginner’s Mind: The Essential Mindset and Approach for Effectively Teaching New Students
6 Lectures
The Most Important Concepts and Themes to Teach Your New Students
3 Lectures
Keeping Everyone Engaged and Safe: How to work with Beginners in Mixed-Level Classes
2 Lectures 1 Demonstration
Breath and Movement: How to Teach Your New Students to Breathe Deeply and Effectively
3 Demonstrations
Standing on Solid Ground: The Essential Standing Poses and Techniques all New Students Should Know
5 Demonstrations
Connecting New Students To Their Strength and Power: How to Incorporate Foundational Arm Balances, Inversions and Core Strengtheners in Class
1 Demonstration
Awakening the Spine: Effective Strategies for Teaching Backward Bends to New Students
3 Demonstrations
Learning to Unwind: What Every New Student Needs to Know about Twisting and Side Bendings
2 Demonstrations
The Shape of Surrender: Effective Strategies for Teaching Forward Bends to New Students
2 Demonstrations
The Ultimate 4-Week Beginner’s Program
2 Lectures 4 Practices

Jason Crandell

Jason Crandell is a natural teacher and author with more than 15 years of experience. His accessible, grounded classes integrate the best elements of power yoga, anatomical precision and mindfulness teachings. With a "knack for teaching subtle body movements in a way that everyone can understand" (Yoga Journal), Jason's articulate, down-to-earth...

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The Art of Teaching Beginners

with Jason Crandell