In the spirit of connection and support, we are grateful to offer you these yoga, meditation and Pilates practices.


Level 2 30 mins
Grounding Vinyasa Flow

Ivorie Jenkins Vinyasa Flow

If you're feeling anxious or overwhelmed, this practice can help you reconnect with that which is stable in your own body. Start by simply plugging in with a restful start, then begin to flow, cultivating stability with low lunges, pyramid, and malasana. Stay steady through sun salutations, tree pose, and extended hand-to-big-toe pose, then come back down to the mat for forearm plank and bridge before winding down for an optional savasana. This class was previously recorded on September 4, 2020.


Level 2 20 mins
Wring Out Tension & Toxins

Dice Iida-Klein Hatha

Yogis looking to wring out any tension and toxins from their body should enjoy this 20:1 practice, meaning you will experience twenty poses in twenty minutes. Use one minute holds in standing, seated and supine twists to help open up your back, side body and hips. Props Needed: Two blocks.


Level 1 10 mins
Get Into Your Comfort Zone

Jason Crandell Breathwork

This simple breathing practice can help calm your nerves, ground your body, and relax your mind. Begin with a moment of guided relaxation followed by breathwork that uses lengthened exhalations to achieve a deep sense of comfort and calm.


Level 1 10 mins
Remembering Yourself

Elena Brower Audio Meditation

Use breathwork and attention to reset your mind and ease anxiousness, distraction, and fear. Allow yourself to stay open to how you feel without being completely swept up in it.


10 mins
Meditation in Movement

Kathryn Budig Audio Meditation

Practice this guided meditation while walking outside whenever you need some fresh air and a fresh mind. Perfect for those moments when you've spent too much time working inside or staring at a computer, if you aren't able to take a walk, you can simply situate yourself near a window.


15 mins
Balance Mental Energy

Kia Miller Audio Meditation

Harmonize the two hemispheres of your mind with a specific breath technique. Allow your mind to release any doubts and become receptive and alert, then take some time to dwell in this awareness.


Level 1-2 60 mins
Pilates Meets Mindfulness

Mark Osmundsen Mat Pilates

This slow-paced, creative sequence incorporates elements of mindfulness to harness both mental and physical strength and well-being. Start seated to connect with your breathing, then work your way through exercises that gently and systematically release your muscles. Build a little intensity toward the end of class with planks, pushups, and side planks, then conclude with a beautiful 7-minute meditation to help you land in the present moment. Props Suggested: Two blocks.


Level 2 30 mins
Dance HIIT

Khetanya Henderson Cardio

Alternate between full-body dance series and traditional HIIT moves for a nonstop, fast-paced, seriously sweaty workout. The dance party won't stop until you've finished four 4-minute rounds, then you'll move on to some fiery arm and ab work to round it all out.


Level 1-2 30 mins
Pilates for Posture

Jeni DelPozo Mat Pilates

Stand a little taller after this workout that will make you feel all the muscle groups that contribute to confident posture. Begin with seated breathwork, then practice the hundred, single and double leg stretch, tick tock, frog hip lifts, and more, with plenty of modifications throughout.