Courses will be removed from Glo on March 31, 2021

Designed to comply with the Yoga Alliance continuing education categories, courses are curated learning experiences that provide continuing education on a specific subject. Taught by passionate, expert-level faculty, they deliver a sequential educational journey that blends lecture, demonstration, asana and meditation. From yoga teacher trainings to in-depth learning, courses provide comprehensive understanding of a variety of topics in order to further the personal and professional development of yoga instructors and committed students.

Programs are short series of sequential classes designed to deliver a specific outcome from a consistent practice. They demonstrate the correct execution of asana and meditation, but generally do not explain yoga theory or advanced knowledge of the subject matter. Programs are part of Glo’s general content library and are included with a membership.

Courses provide a detailed exploration of a subject in a workshop-style setting, and are designed to comply with Yoga Alliance continuing education categories. They allow you to connect with your teacher and fellow students via discussion forums and include supporting materials such as instructor notes, quizzes and assignments. Courses are not included with a Glo subscription and can be purchased individually.

Courses can count for non-contact hour learning requirements, and are designed to fit within the continuing education categories from Yoga Alliance. We recommend that you check with your instructor for approval if you are currently studying to become a yoga teacher and looking to use a course to contribute to your non-contact hours.

Our courses are taught by specially selected Glo faculty who have dedicated their lives to their specific subject matters and techniques.

Courses are taught primarily through three types of video: lectures, demonstrations and practices. There will be quizzes and assignments to apply and track your learning, as well as supplementary materials such as manuals, images, texts and audio samples. You will have access to printable instructor notes and have the opportunity to create your own notes in real time during any video. In addition, a discussion board will be available so you can connect with instructors and other students.

A discussion forum is included in every course, allowing you to ask questions and engage with your teacher and fellow students.

After you’ve enrolled in a course it can be found under “My Courses” in Me.

No. Courses are not included with a Glo membership.

No! Glo courses are premium educational experiences that can be individually purchased by members and non-members alike.

If you purchased a course, you will have access to your course for as long as it remains on the site. You will only be able to see general library and programs content in preview mode after your membership ends.

You will have access to your course for as long as it remains on the site. Courses will be removed from Glo on March 31, 2021. We will provide additional information mid-December.

We have found the discussion forum to be a more efficient, community-orientated way to encourage dialogue and a supportive learning environment. Previously archived chats will still be available under “Discussions” within applicable courses.

Yes. If you are an existing member with a credit card on file you will be given the option to use that card during the checkout process. You may also choose to complete your payment with a different card.

No. Courses are not currently available within the iOS app.

No. The course videos are available for streaming only and cannot be downloaded.