Inform Your Flow

Become an expert at alignment articulation in a yoga flow class setting or bring flow to a form-focused class.
with Darren Rhodes


By definition, vinyasa flow yoga classes, while popular, lack form (alignment). On the other hand, form classes lack flow. Too much alignment instruction can break up the flow. However, alignment instruction is necessary to promote both safety, longevity of practice, and it can help students go deeper into poses.

As this course will reveal, many flow students will embrace alignment instruction, as long as it doesn’t inhibit their flow.

This course provides the solution! It will teach you how to package both flow and form as one. It will give you the tools to articulate skillful, concise alignment cues while guiding breath and movement in flow. You will learn succinct and dependable cues, which guide students into and out of each pose in 30 seconds flat, safely and with more refinement.

This particular method of “informed flow” was developed nearly a decade ago, when Darren Rhodes’ local studio was on the brink of shutting down. Darren and his team responded to this crisis by creating a new type of yoga class experience; an accessible class that offered a confluence of flow and form. Flow to satisfy students need for a vigorous and full-gamut practice in a short time and form to promote safety and deeper range of motion in the practice.

This new class concept started with just 4 classes per week. Two years later, that increased to 25 classes per week. By the third year many of the classes became so popular Darren had to open another studio to handle the demand! Today, Darren’s studio offers 66 of these classes weekly. Many other studios around the world have since implemented this class concept and have seen similar growth.

This course packages this teaching concept to promote success for you. How? By memorizing a tried and tested script of a 60-minute pose-packed class. While that might sound ominous, worry not, the cues encoded into this script are decoded to help make the work of memorization manageable, interesting, and even fun. In no time that ominous becomes OMinous! Even if you don’t memorize the script you will be sure to come away with many cues that can be applied to almost any pose.

This course aims to power your potential for the sake of you and your ever-evolving yoga student body.


This course is best suited for any level yoga teacher who has an interest in honing their alignment articulation or bringing flow to their form-focused classes.

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36 videos
organized into
11 chapters

In this course, Darren will teach you, step-by-step, how to integrate form into flow. By the end of the training your clear and specific alignment cues will have immediate impact in the classroom—the gateway to expert-level teaching.

The training is comprised of eleven chapters, which include practice videos, assignments, lecture videos, photo study, memorization techniques, live video chat, sequence downloads, and much more!

Bring the teachings onto your mat through asana and meditation practices.

Comprehensive video lectures translate complex topics into user-friendly language.

Learn from master teachers in the comfort of your home.

Watch and learn with dynamic visual demonstrations.

What Works Wins!
4 Lectures
Pace of the Practice
1 Practice
Sequence and Script Maxim
2 Lectures
The Vernacular
6 Lectures
SSR (Shape, Safety, Refinement) Defined
7 Lectures 2 assignments
Script Motto
1 Lecture
The Dharma is in the Details
7 Practices
Decode the Sequence
1 Lecture
Cue Overview
2 Lectures 1 assignment
The Work
3 Lectures 1 assignment
Summary, Encouragement, and Appreciation
2 Lectures

Darren Rhodes

Darren Rhodes has been the director of YogaOasis in Tucson, Arizona since 1999\. He is the founder of YogaHour, an accessible, inexpensive, expertly-taught flow yoga class that offers clear and specific alignment instructions for each pose. He is the author and model of the Yoga Resource Practice Manual eBook featuring photographs of Darren in 4...

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Inform Your Flow

Become an expert at alignment articulation in a yoga flow class setting or bring flow to a form-focused class.
with Darren Rhodes