The Teacher's Guide to the Yoga Sutras

with Dr. Chris Chapple


If you're looking to take the teachings of Yoga off your mat and into your daily life, The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali will illuminate the way. A collection of verses summarizing the teachings of Yoga, they provide step-by-step guidelines for living a meaningful life through Yogic principles. As a teacher, your ability to be of service to your students rests in your own understanding and practice. This course is an invitation to spend time hearing, chanting and reflecting on the great insights and truths of Yoga, and to develop an intimate relationship with this timeless text.

An essential resource for any serious teacher or student of Yoga, this definitive, 20-hour course is based on Dr. Chris Chapple's lifetime of dedication to the study of the Sutras, and includes his own translation, philosophical analysis and modern day applications. Whether you are familiar with the text or brand new, you will uncover compelling new insights and learn powerful ways to study, practice, and live these teachings.

The course is delivered in 60 twenty-minute chapters, making it easy to explore all 196 Sutras at your own pace. Each chapter focuses on a cluster of verses, and begins with a recitation in both English and Sanskrit. Dr. Chapple then provides a detailed textual and etymological analysis, followed by practical tips on how to integrate their wisdom into your daily life, personal practice and teaching. An audio call and response track is included in the course, giving you the chance to become part of a rich oral tradition by learning the Sutras in the way they were originally passed down.

For anyone who is longing to truly live their practice, and develop a deeper connection to the history and wisdom of Yoga, this course will be a profound and transformative experience.


This course is designed for both teachers and dedicated students of Yoga. Its comprehensive approach will introduce key Yogic concepts and provide examples of how they can be integrated into your personal practice and teaching.

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62 videos
organized into
20 chapters

The course is made up of 62 videos organized into 20 chapters. In each chapter, a cluster of the Sutras will be chanted and a translation will be offered, followed by lectures exploring the philosophical significance and practical applications for teachers. You'll also receive the complete text of the Yoga Sutras in the Sanskrit Devānagarī with translation and transliteration from Dr. Chapple's, Yoga and the Luminous. A PDF containing detailed lecture summaries and an audio call and response track are also included. Quizzes will be used throughout to reinforce your understanding.

Comprehensive video lectures translate complex topics into user-friendly language.

Supplementary course materials enhance your learning and keep you accountable, while providing opportunities to integrate the teachings into your daily life.

Link together in-depth philosophical concepts into historical context

Learn from master teachers in the comfort of your home.

Introductions, Samādhi Pāda I.1-I.11
4 Lectures
Samādhi Pāda I.12-I.22
3 Lectures 1 quiz
Samādhi Pāda I.23-I.33
3 Lectures
Samādhi Pāda I.34-I.45
3 Lectures 1 quiz
Samādhi Pāda I.46-I.51
3 Lectures 1 quiz
Sādhana Pāda II.1-II.9
3 Lectures 1 quiz
Sādhana Pāda II.10-II.17
3 Lectures
Sādhana Pāda II.18-II.26
3 Lectures 1 quiz
Sādhana Pāda II.27-II.39
3 Lectures 1 quiz
Sādhana Pāda II.40-II.52
3 Lectures
Sādhana Pāda II.53-II.55 and Review
3 Lectures 1 quiz
Vibhūti Pāda III.1-III.10
3 Lectures
Vibhūti Pāda III.11-III.20
3 Lectures 1 quiz
Vibhūti Pāda III.21-III.37
3 Lectures
Vibhūti Pāda III.38-III.51
3 Lectures 1 quiz
Vibhūti Pāda III.52-III.55 & Kaivalya Pāda IV.1-IV.4
3 Lectures
Kaivalya Pāda IV.5-IV.17
3 Lectures 1 quiz
Kaivalya Pāda IV.18-IV.26
3 Lectures
Kaivalya Pāda IV.27-IV.34
3 Lectures
Final Thoughts
4 Lectures 1 quiz

Dr. Chris Chapple

Christopher Key Chapple is Doshi Professor of Indic and Comparative Theology at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, where he founded and currently directs the Master of Arts in Yoga Studies, delivered face to face and through hybrid learning. This Glo course counts toward one of the certificates required for the completion of the degree....

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The Teacher's Guide to the Yoga Sutras

with Dr. Chris Chapple