The Anatomy of the Chakras

The Physical and Energetic Pathways of the Subtle Body
with Tias Little


Anatomy of the Chakras is not your average chakra course. Tias Little takes a deep dive into the richness of these vital energy centers. No matter how long you've studied yoga, this immersive course is bound to shed new light on the marvels of the chakras.

What does the word 'chakra' really mean? Chakra, literally meaning wheel, is an energy center in the body that can be accessed and balanced through yoga practices of asana, pranayama, meditation and mudra. The chakras evoke mystery, an artistic imagination and the healing power of sound as a means to get to know our inner selves.

Many traditions including Indian Tantra, Tibetan Buddhism, Qigong and the Kabbalah, share teachings of a 'body beyond the body' known as the subtle body. This energetic system can affect how we feel on a daily basis and can point out how our system aligns with obstacles in our life. By recognizing that there is more to the body than meets the eye, we can learn to move through life with ease and grace.


This course is for all students looking to elevate their existing knowledge of the subtle body to the highest level. Yoga students, yoga teachers, psychologists, meditators, artists and anatomists will each discover remarkable connections between the physical matter of the body and the vibratory nature of spirit within each chakra. This course investigates each aspect of the chakras and provides students with every piece of information available.

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77 videos
organized into
9 chapters

Anatomy of the Chakras will surprise and intrigue you. This course covers, and then sails way beyond the common knowledge of color, shape, element and sound of each chakra. You'll learn the muscular-skeletal, organic and neurological aspects of each energy center as well as its totem animal, vital wind and emotional association. Because the chakras are influenced by states of mind and emotional holding, this course invites students to reflect on their own strengths and deficiencies within each chakra.

Comprehensive video lectures translate complex topics into user-friendly language.

Watch and learn with dynamic visual demonstrations.

Bring the teachings onto your mat through asana and meditation practices.

Supplementary course materials enhance your learning and keep you accountable, while providing opportunities to integrate the teachings into your daily life.

4 Lectures 1 Practice 1 assignment
The Root of It All
4 Lectures 6 Practices 1 assignment
The Sacred Sacrum
4 Lectures 6 Practices 1 assignment
The Belly: The Fire Center
4 Lectures 6 Practices 1 assignment
The Lotus Heart
4 Lectures 6 Practices 1 assignment
The Place of Purification: The Throat
4 Lectures 6 Practices 1 assignment
The Eye of Wisdom
4 Lectures 6 Practices 1 assignment
The Celestial Crown
5 Lectures 5 Practices 1 assignment
Conclusion & Wrap-Up
1 Lecture 1 Practice 1 assignment

Tias Little

Tias is committed to teaching yoga as a contemplative path, leading to greater sensitivity, tolerance and deep understanding (prajna). Tias unique and skillful approach enables students to find greater depth of understanding and awareness in their practice, both on and off the mat. His approach to the practice is inter-disciplinary, passionate, ...

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The Anatomy of the Chakras

The Physical and Energetic Pathways of the Subtle Body
with Tias Little