VP of Engineering

Full Time   |   Los Angeles, CA

Who We Are

Glo is a digital platform for total well-being. We help our community feel their best in body and mind through on-demand and livestream yoga, meditation, Pilates, and fitness classes with world-class teachers. The VP of Engineering will play an essential role in Glo’s mission and vision to connect people through self-care.

What We’re Looking For

This is an opportunity for a world-class engineering leader to strategically evolve the engineering and technology organization. As part of this role, you will lead the entire department and its engineers in the development of new product features that will contribute to the strategic direction of the overall company. You’ll be joining as part of the foundational team of a profitable startup with product market fit that generates eight-figure revenue that also has the potential to increase its reach around the world.

You’ll build a customer-focused, data-driven culture that is deliberate and validates assumptions. You believe in identifying and solving problems before building solutions, and that learning is part of the process. You will recruit and mentor engineering managers and developers, own the infrastructure and development processes, enhance and manage relationships with critical vendors, and work closely with all areas of the company and their respective leadership teams. 

The ideal candidate will have worked extensively at digital consumer subscription companies; a history of shipping successful releases; successful implementation of continuous integration and development, building and scaling engineering organizations, strong technical aptitude; and superior leadership skills. 

Minimum Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science or related field of study
  • 10+ years of experience in software engineering, architecture and QA, with at least 5+ years leading and managing other engineers
  • Leadership of a large (at least 50+), growing team of engineers through several evolutions of process and organization
  • Outstanding people manager; ability to influence and engage direct, indirect reports and peers; ability to bring together individuals and teams, resolve conflict and drive execution
  • Passion for the company’s mission
  • Technical leadership of complex, secure, high-volume, and highly available processing environments
  • Experience designing large scale, high performance, distributed systems (e. g. cloud) processing large amounts of data with high throughput characteristics
  • Experience building scalable application architectures and with the progression from traditional frameworks to micro services
  • Consistent track record securing entire product portfolios at scale through deep knowledge of secure architectures & secure-by-design practices
  • Experience with technology relative to industry; Node.js, JavaScript, React, Postgres, GitHub, Microservices, Kubernetes

Why this role is unique:

  • Execution, Product Delivery and Results (30%)
    • Collaborating with Product to define product roadmaps and deliver new products 
    • Improving development process, with a focus on regular high quality releases 
    • Defining, tracking and delivering key productivity metrics and continually work towards improving team efficiency and engineering capacity
    • Championing a culture of measurement, accountability and quality
  • Technical Strategy, Vision and Architecture (25%)
    • Leading strategic technological infrastructure, stack and roadmaps
    • Advising the team on selection of open source and third party tools and platforms to increase efficiency and improve technology and product offerings
    • Planning and allocating resources appropriately between horizontal technology and vertical engineering teams
  • Operations, Information Security and IT (25%)
    • Continuing to evolve security practices and resourcing to meet the needs of protecting data
    • Maintaining and optimizing the budget of infrastructure and software tools
    • Supporting the organization with the internal productivity and collaboration tools across physical offices and remote environments
  • Recruiting and Building a High Performing Engineering Organization (20%)
    • Working with the recruiting team to build a pipeline of diverse engineers to support the growth of the engineering organization
    • Evolving how the company organizes within engineering and defining career paths
    • Creating rotational opportunities to distribute skills across the company and develop the next set of leaders from within
    • Creating an environment where people feel comfortable trying new things, experimenting and exercising their opinions, and responsible for mitigating risks and caring for the quality of their work. 
    • Elevating the engineering brand through published work and speaking at events

Why you’re a good fit:

  • Ability to communicate complex, distarate ideas in a way that is structured and easily understood.
  • Intellectual curiosity with a love for digging multiple layers deep on frontier topics. 
  • Ability to lead and enhance Glo’s agile methodology for the design, development, test, and release of its products and features.  
  • Engineering experience at a cloud-based B2C company.
  • Experience working with executives and stakeholders throughout different functional areas of the business to deliver value to customers by providing solutions for the problems customers face and moving quickly to MVP to prove solutions. 
  • High ownership mentality with a strong willingness to roll up your sleeves while also being able to delegate effectively.
  • History of building strong engineering cultures and championing the engineering organization by measuring team performance, allowing for distributed decision making, and giving opportunities to others
  • Optimistic, humble, and energizing / motivating.
  • Strong preference for someone who has a professional network in the LA-area. Our office and most of our team is based in LA, but we support hybrid work and have begun recruiting in Austin.
  • B.S. in business, computer science, information technology or related engineering fields preferred, but not required.


Our internal mission is to make Glo a great place to work where you can learn and maximize your potential.  In order to do that we offer: 

  • Competitive Compensation & Benefits.  Although we’re still a small but mighty team of ~50 employees, we know the basics matter. In addition to a competitive compensation package, we offer 401k, FSA and cover 100% of monthly premiums for our employees’ health, vision, dental & life insurance.
  • Flexible Work Environment. We operate as a remote-first team, but the Executive Team currently lives in Los Angeles and comes together weekly for strategy and planning. We provide the equipment when you start to help you set up your home workspace.
  • Flexible PTO. Just as we trust you to get the work done in the way and place that works best for you, we encourage you to take time off when you need it. We also block out “self-care hour” in the middle of each week as a reminder to regularly make space for your health & wellness.
  • Company Culture. We invest significant time, focus, and resources to build the best work environment possible, and we encourage our employees to hold us accountable for keeping it that way. That’s why we offer two robust annual surveys to check-in with the team, weekly pulse checks, and a People Ops and management team that is ready to help address questions or concerns in real-time.


Why Now?

Even before the global pandemic, the prevalence of mental and physical health issues was increasing for adults and youth, but since COVID hit, the number of people suffering from loneliness and isolation and looking for help with anxiety and depression has skyrocketed. While there is no single solution, Glo faces an enormous opportunity to expand our reach and deliver on our vision to connect people through self-care. 

There is an ever-growing need for self-care that is accessible, affordable, enjoyable, and rewarding in ways that serve a diverse group of individual’s most pressing needs today. After all, wellness isn’t a destination, but the process of building healthy habits with the support of a mindful community. With such a large opportunity in front of us, we are searching for an engineering leader to solve some of the most challenging problems facing society and continue to build on Glo’s engineering strategy and vision.

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